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Cosmetic dentistry

Dental aesthetics gains greater importance in our lives. To cater to this need, we offer you all the state-of-the-art methods that science holds in store. These include bleaching, Airflow treatments, veneers, tooth-coloured composite restorations (fillings), closing of gaps and many more. Contact us for a detailed consultation.

Blanqueamiento dental

Bleaching is a modern form of brightening your teeth. The treatment is pain-free and can be done at home (home bleaching). Alternatively, the teeth may be bleached in one or two sessions in our office. This type of treatment (in-office bleaching) is less time-consuming and more efficient.

Tratamiento con air-flow

Airflow is a gentle method to remove tartar caused by tea, coffee, or nicotine. The tartar is blast from the enamel using a salt-water-air mixture with citrus flavour. This treatment is pain-free and highly efficient.